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Nasty Nasty Nasty!

"I purchased a set of RF 82II from Acoustic Sound Design a few years ago the experience was awful, it took 3 attempts to deliver speakers that were not horrible damaged. They ultimately set the speakers freight (which is how speakers this size should shipped) for this current purchase, I ordered directly from Klipsch.com only to find that they forwarded the order to Acoustic Sound Design for fulfillment, needless to say the speakers arrived looking as though someone attacked them with a machete, the boxes had gaping holes. Now I understand that the boxes are not coming pristine and may have a fair amount of wear on them but, these are gifts that I paid $1300 for and what I received was distressed merchandise that would be sold as such or in a thrift store at a discounted price.
To put salt on the wound Klipsch said; Acoustic Sound Design said to basically just apologize for them to the person receiving the gift, then forwarded me directly to sound distributors, who were about as nasty as I have seen in today's online environment, they told me the boxes are designed to protect the speakers only, they are not replacing them if the speakers are not damaged,(fair enough) but, they did not offer me any condolences let alone compensation, in fact they said send me an email and maybe I can get Klipsch to send you replacement boxes. Are you kidding me? Has this guy ever shopped at amazon? I know he sells on eBay and these speakers are sold in this condition as damaged box distressed items at a discounted price.
Moral of the story... Don't trust Klipsch.com, avoid sound distributors like the plague, they are just short of criminal... do purchase from Amazon, Onecall and worldwide stereo who either ship items this size double boxed, freight or at the very least offer hassle free customer service... again Klipsch.com is a little scamy by using a 3rd party & Acoustic Sound Design are highway robbers, should you have a problem good luck!

Helpful Cool


Simply the best.

"Bought from them off Amazon Market Place a number of times. They are great with returns when items become defective. I'd say they are better then the manufacturers when it comes to backing up the items they sell."

Helpful Cool


Excellent Price, Shipping and Service

"I have purchased a lot of electronics and had a such a great experience. This was my second of three orders and they will be my first stop from now one. I highly recommend AcousticSoundDesign.com for the best price and great service. What else could you want."

Helpful Cool


Shopping Nirvanna

"I ordered, they shipped. No messing around. Best price IN THE WORLD! Everything arrived quickly. One speaker (of 11) came DOA (not their fault). No problem, no questions asked. Another speaker was shipped overnight. Mike was very efficient to work with and I really appreciate that.
I will never buy audio equipment from another source. Klipsch RP-280 based 5.2.4. Denon AVR-X6300H.

Helpful Cool


Simply THE BEST !!

"I have bought a lot of Audio/Video online in the past 30 years.
But I have never seen a better service and price than Acoustic Sound Design.

I will buy again and highly recommend Mike and his wonderful company.

Helpful Cool



"I can't stress how happy I am with my product with the service and the promptness of the delivery. Everything arrived as promised and I was very impressed with the whole process of my purchase. Hands down the best home theater store on the web the staff is very knowledgeable especially with the klipsch brand,which is an AMAZING product...rp280f...towers are probably one of the best speakers you could ever buy in its category..!!!! Words can't describe the performance of these gems....thanks acoustic Sound design!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


"Found Acoustic Sound Design through Klipsch authorized sellers list. Happened to call due to questions about a "packaged" offering on the website. I found Mike to be knowledgeable, helpful, and very efficient. Quickly offered GREAT pricing on exactly the pieces I was looking for.

Researched the company through BBB and reviews such as this, and decided to take the risk knowing I could always get Amex to fight for me. Ordered a Denon receiver and 17 speakers about 10.30 AM on Dec. 30th. Much to my overjoyed shock, I immediately started getting ship notices with UPS tracking info, and the Receiver and about half the speakers showed up by 11AM THE NEXT DAY!!!!!

Have now received all of it within 4 or 5 business days. Two different speaker sets that must have been out of stock were upgraded/substituted to the next more expensive model without request or inquiry. In fact, I called Mike to inquire about the "mistake" of shipping the better model - "Nope, upgrade - enjoy 'em!" Don't have it all installed yet, but all arrived clean, good shape, new manufacturer's packaging. This guy's legit, folks!

Helpful Cool


"I was absolutely not asked to post this review and by no means affiliated it friends with anyone in the company.

I just wanted to post my positive thoughts on standing behind the product! I bought a Bic F-12 a couple weeks ago to be "from Santa" we opened it and it worked for a couple days and then had some electronic issues.

I contacted Acoustic Sound Design and - no questions asked said they will pick up the F12, and are allowing me to basically exchange the F12 for a PL-200 (with some added dollars of course).

I could not be more happy. Fair prices, quick replies, excellent customer service!


Helpful Cool


"It has been a long time dream of mine to buy a surround sound system. Also, I have always been a fan of Klipsch, as well. I finally decided to purchase a system. When deciding on a vendor I read about AcousticSoundDesign.com on the forums. Their service and pricing was held in high regards. I visited their site and talked to Mike Embers. I was able to get a very good deal on a Klipsch Reference Premier Speaker set (2xRP-260F, RP-250C, SW-112). The system was shipped and arrived promptly in good condition. I also purchased a Marantz 6010 from them, and eventually decided on a different receiver. It was easy to get a return. I am confident Mike will make sure I am satisfied with the products he offers. If you are looking for a sound system I highly recommend AcousticSoundDesign. They have great service and offer great prices. Make sure to speak to Mike for pricing.

PS The sound is legendary.

Helpful Cool


"I wanted a custom speaker package that didn't match anything listed on Acoustic Sound Design's website, so I called and was provided with on the spot pricing that was impossible to beat. Mike was quick and courteous and provided all information requested. I ordered a 7.1.2 system on a Monday and by the following Sunday (6 days) I had all speakers on-hand. Shipping was exceptionally fast and everything came as expected. To make the deal even better, it has full warranty since they are an authorized dealer. Now, my only question is if I should have purchased a 7.1.4 or 7.2.4 instead. I very well may end up ordering a few more speakers here soon. Thanks for a great experience!"

Helpful Cool


"I tried to order online on a Sunday afternoon using an expired coupon code. When it didn't work, it said to call a number which I did and a helpful fellow answered the phone, gave me another code and the discount including free 2nd day air shipping. I had my subwoofer on noon Tuesday!
Good work Acoustic Sound Design. I ordered a BIC Accoustic PL 200 SUB and it rocks!

Helpful Cool


"On April 14, 2015 I ordered a complete ATMOS speaker system from Mike @ Acoustic Sound Design (a total of 15 Klipsch Reference & Reference Premier speakers). I did a lot of research on price & service before ordering. On April 15 (24 hours later) FEDEX showed up with most of my order. The balance showed up the following day! I couldn't be more satisfied with this Company and their service. These Klipsch speakers exceeded my expectations as well. I am a cautious shopper & don't let loose of this kind of money easily, but I would recommend Acoustic Sound Design to anyone without hesitation."

Helpful Cool


"I just bought a pair of Klipsch RF7-II speakers from this store; price was well below the nearest competitor. Rec'd them in about a week, in perfect condition; I was so anxious to get them, I drove to the UPS Freight warehouse on a Friday night with my landscape trailer to get them, rather than waiting for them to deliver the following Monday. These are big speakers, but in retrospect they would probably have fit in the back of my 4Runner. I opened them and just looked at them for a couple days; they are beautiful. Finally got the extra wires I needed to bi-wire them; sound great, as I knew they would. Only problem, they made my old Bose center speaker look and sound lame, so I just ordered a Klipsch RC64II center speaker to go with them, obviously from the same place. These fronts are replacing some vintage 1976 AR5 speakers; did my research and am glad I settled on these. They should last the rest of my life. These are my 60th birthday present to myself. Thank-you Mike Embers and Acoustic Sound Design!"

Helpful Cool


"Excellent price, quick & responsive, could spend more time with customers who like to go over details.
Received shipment with two damaged subs and received an exchange for both with one sub that is not working and has static noise to which ASD responded with sending new shipment.Hope I get lucky 3rd time and shall revisit the rating upon the arrival of new sub.

Helpful Cool
AcousticSoundDesign's Avatar
AcousticSoundDesign from Acoustic Sound Design has responded
Posted Nov-20-2014

We have been rated at 100% on Ebay for 14 Years. We have been rated on Amazon at 100% for 10 years. To maintain those #s show we do everything and anything to take care os a customer. Its next to impossible to maintain those metrics in the Electronics-Speakers Category as there are a number of things that are out of our control. Its how we react when a problem arises. Some customers... no matter what you do- are beyond reasonable.

The system bought had 2 subwoofers damaged BY UPS in shipping. It does happen on about 1.5% of shipments. WE arranged to pick them up and then sent 2 replacements by UPS Freight on a pallet that usually arrives in perfect condition-99 out of 100 times. In this case they did,

The next thing we get is an email accusing us of selling "refurbished" defective items. As I was typing a response-which is simply Klipsch can confirm from the serial #s that they are brand new-A chat pops up on our website basically stating same thing but this customer would be posting reviews anywhere he can. We asked him to call-he did.
He re-stated his intent to post in an effort to hurt our company. In addition, he said he would be filing complaint to Klipsch. At that point we agreed with him. He should deal directly with Klipsch and they will confirm what I was trying to explain. Defectives and damages are a part of any business. Its how we react to them. As can be read-we acted accordingly-shipping two new subs by Freight to ensure delivery. It worked as customer stated boxes were perfect. Again, defectives happen. We would have gladly helped again, but this customer basically is blaming us for a defective sub.
There is actually no disputing this as Exact exchange looks like this:
On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 6:25 PM, Mike Embers wrote:

2 subs
Best Regards,

Mike Embers
On 11/14/2014 8:29 PM, Pradeep wrote:
> Hey Mike, I had two subs and the shipment shows 1 sub only. Would there be a separate shipment for the other one as I had sent the pictures for damage on both the subs?


I received the two subs today and the packaging was good but one of the Sub is not working and is making a static noise when the power is on.

I must say that I am really disappointed with all the back and forth between us about getting the right product for what I paid for.

This has begun to raise doubts in my mind about the whole quality of products of this package I got, my first experience with your company has been less pleasant than I expected.

Let me ask two straightforward questions.

Are these used/refurbished pieces?
If these are new, why are they either damaged/not working as brand new pieces are supposed to?
Then Before we could answer that it is simple to confirm pieces are brand new units from Klipsch customer sends:


This is Pradeep, I just sent out an email about the two new subs I got and the whole experience I had with the purchase

I logged into get the invoice no. of my order

I am putting my reviews on seller ratings and amazon

He also stated on phone he was going to contact Klipsch. At this point we agreed with him. Yes, please contact Klipsch.”


"Good selection at great prices. Quick shipping. No hassles. Email for special pricing on bundles."

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