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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.20/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.57/10
Shipping & packaging: 3.48/10
Customer service: 2.67/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.66/10
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Fraud on website just hack customer to come best buy

"I went today best buy bay parkway they not sell me note *9 phone on bay parkway after four hours waiting my name us Khalid ilahi check my account how long I am your customer alot products i bought. even manager not did over ride said me come back tomorrow because on their website *** unlocked phone discount they put by mistaken .is it fraud ?they put on websites 200 dollar discount when customer go there say no it's mistake on website how it possible it's global best buy website and its mistake. It was clearly said when u buy unlocked 200 dollar discount promotion discount. Check camera date 18 sep time
7pm almost I am in yellow shirt with my wife or ask manager or upload video .My phone number is 347.7338345.I have whole video what they playing game and behave rudely and I want your cooperation or any head department. contact me as soon as possible
Other wise I want close account with best buy I don't want to buy future with u people.go where have batter customer service

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Terrible Customer service

"Terrible customer service and crapy products recommended by store personnel. I bought a Google wifi system based on the recommendation of a clerk. I had such slow speed afterwards that I had my internet provider come to my house to check out my internet and then again yesterday. They gave new equipment and checked everything and said my speed was over 200. Its the Google Wifi that is causing the problem and my computer is next to the device. Best Buy won't refund my close to $300 as its outside the period of 15 days. During this time I was dealing with a broken foot and other issues and didn't realize it was the crappy product sold me and not the provider. I will never set foot in Best Buy again and I've spent a ton of money on tech things there in the past."

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Tried to cancel order. Refused.

"I attempted to cancel my order before it shipped to make sure there wouldn't be an issue. They still wouldn't cancel my order. Want me to pay return shipping or bring it to a store. Worst experience with a big chain I've ever had. Will never shop here again. "

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Purchasing a cell phone with a Best Buy gift card

"I purchased a Best Buy gift card for my Mother to purchase a new cell phone. We went to our local Best Buy at 4413 Birkland Pl.
Easton, PA 18045 and were taken care of by Patrick. Everything went well with our selection and purchase until we tried to pay for the cell phone with the gift card. We were informed by Patrick that we could not purchase a cell phone with a gift card. I checked the gift card and there were no such restrictions listed. I do find it hard to believe Best Buy would place such restrictions on their gift cards, but Patrick checked with a supervisor who said the same. I was going to make the purchase with my debit card and then decided not to spend my money at Best Buy. We left and purchased the same phone at WalMart. Unfortunately I now have a Best Buy gift card that I really don't want.

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Selling inferior expensive ear buds..

"Associate recommended Jaybird X 2, bought warranty, after one year of use they are defective and will not pair. This product is inferior & has no longevity despite it being expensive. After sales service was appalling, both Best Buy and Jaybird refused to replace, explaining they are only expected to last 2 years!!,At that price!! They are only interested in taking more of your money. Avoid Jaybird at all costs, brand needs to be reported as overexpensive, inferior products. I'm reverting back to Bose, traditional wires! "

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Poor service on the paid instillation!

"Twice we waited all day for the very expensive instillation service Best Buys has you pay for @ $150.00. They had no way of finding out why the company that told us twice they would be at our home in the AM to install a dishwasher we purchased hadn't even contacted us by 4PM!! The customer service when we called about this were very uncaring & really didn't have a solution. Don't trust the instillation service they have you purchase!!!"

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Great in a pinch

"I needed some hardware in a hurry. Did not want to wait on shipping times. When I went in the store, I found a helpful staff, fair pricing, and expedient check out. Thanks Best Buy!"

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False Time Frame

"I ordered a mini refrigerator for my dorm room on Tuesday (08/28/2018). I needed it ASAP but it was only available for pickup on Saturday (09/01/2018). I went ahead and paid for it, ordered it online, and waited patiently for an email saying my order was ready for pickup. Well Saturday came and I never received an email. I had to log back into the account to check my status and it still says “In progress”!!! I reached out to the store and they said they aren’t sure why but it now says the date to pick up wouldn’t be until 09/06! That’s almost 2 weeks longer than I was told! I was furious and had to cancel my order, which ended up putting me in a bind for another refrigerator because the money didn’t show back on my account until 7 days later! No one ever offered me a discounted price for the inconvenience, no gift card, or any sympathy. Oh and not to mention the hassle it was to get someone on the phone!! They hung up on me 3 times! Sorry Best Buy.. you’ve definitely lost my service!"

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Geek squad delivery guys

"Mike and Ethan did and excellent job on the delivery of my new refrigerator. They were right on time and very professional. I would definitely recommend Best Buy to all my friends and family. Thanks again Geek Squad"

Helpful Cool



"I am an elite member of Best Buys rewards program.That purchases all the technology for 3 of my families households, so obviously I am going to have more returns than a single family household. 2 weeks ago I returned a $25.00 bluetooth speaker, so that I could purchase a $125.00 bluetooth speaker. At that time I was was told that in the future they may or may not accept a return from me, so of course I accepted the refund and told the clerk I would make the purchase of the $125.00 speaker from target where I know i would not have an issue returning if I needed to, as I didnt want to chance getting a defective product that I couldnt return. Today I went to best Buy to purchase a micro SD card, but accidently purchased a regular SD card. When I attempted to return the SD card with a receipt in an unopened package, for an exchange I was denied the exchange. After a half hour on the phone with Best Buy corporate office, and another half hour on the phone with the third party company that monitors their returns, I was still unable to exchange an unopened product with a receipt......... Long story short, Best Buy has lost 3 households business for a life time. I have never attempted to return a product without a receipt and most of the time they are in unopened packaging. I wont even step foot in a store to use my $20.00 rewards certificate I still have........ CYA B.B. That was one big mistake you made over a $20.00 product that was never opened and I tried to return after only having it for 2 hours"

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"I bought a voice recorder. After I got it home I found it did not come with a memory card . So I went back the next day to get one (I took the box with me to make sure I got the right one)After I was able to run down and employee . I ask if they could help me find what I needed . They said no but they would get someone to help me . After about 5 mem. I step out in front of a employee and I ask them if they could help , they said they would be right back . They did come back .But when I ask them about the card I needed I got a a a after the 3rd a I was in trouble . But they did find what I needed. Then I ask about a external mic , I got they do not carry any , but I could get one at two different places names given . Well the next time I will go to one of them . That way I can get all I need in one place ."

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Add me to the long list of disgruntled Best Buy customers

"I’m SUPER frustrated and actually VERY angry about my most recent Best Buy experience at the west side Appleton Wisconsin store.

I went into the (severely under staffed) Car Audio/Installation department with questions about a stereo for my wife's car. There was a single tech in the install bay and he had his hands full….you know…installing. NO ONE was manning the Car Stereo display area.

After an unsuccessful attempt to get answers from another associate who came over (I had to flag down someone in the neighboring computer department to find out if there was anyone who could help me with car stereos since NO ONE was manning that display area), the store GM (Brian N) came to help me and after he answered most of my questions, I made my decision.

The folks in the installation department were nice but this is where the ball got dropped. Big time.

The lone technician looked up the year, make and model of my wife's vehicle and told me about all the wiring harnesses and trim kits that would be needed to install so I purchased everything that was available in stock, as well as placing an order for an item that wasn't. Because we had to wait for the ordered item to come in, I set an appointment for after the item was scheduled for delivery.

When I go there for the appointment, the tech (still very nice) attempted to verify that we had everything we needed and informed me that if there was a manufacturer’s subwoofer in the car, it would require additional equipment and labor….and yes, there IS a subwoofer in the car.


This was never mentioned when I was ordering everything I “needed” to complete the install and as it turns out it would add nearly an additional $300 to my $292 initial purchase. Before I left the install bay I was informed that the install could be done without the additional equipment but that I would “lose a lot of sound” if they bypassed the subwoofer.
Needless to say, I canceled the job and returned all the equipment on the spot. I assume this was an honest mistake but it was BEST BUY’S mistake and I’m the one paying the price.


The entire situation left me with a bitter taste in my mouth that won't likely go away any time soon. Aside of the wasted time (two hours of my own and 45 minutes of my wife’s time), I had to juggle my schedule to make the installation work. We had to take two vehicles to the appointment so I wouldn't have to sit around for a couple of hours at Best Buy. My wife had to juggle her schedule to make it all work and in the end, we did all of this for absolutely nothing.

The take away from all of this is that Best Buy completely screwed up.

The new information that surfaced when I was there for the scheduled installation SHOULD have been provided to me before I had even chosen a stereo. Had it been provided, I'd have gone no further. Nearly $600 for everything needed to install $120 car stereo was never going to happen. $292 was bad enough and that was after their "Free installation" of the head unit. All of the additional costs were in wiring harnesses, trim plates and additional labor, above and beyond the supposed "free installation".

In the time since this unfolded, I have reached out to the store manager and have not heard back from him. Until reading some of the online reviews, I assumed that Best Buy might do something for me to remedy this situation that they created but based on all of the online reviews, it seems that people are just being left hanging and I'm not holding my breath that I’ll be handled any differently.

If I am wrong, I'll happily adjust my review. Things happen. It's how a company chooses to handle these things that makes all the difference.

Let’s see if/how Best Buy chooses to handle this…

As an aside, I never did hear back from the store manager so I posted to the Best Buy Facebook page. The response I got was laughable. I was essentially told that "there are no discounts we can give you but we'll certainly look into it further if you provide us with A, B and C"

As if I'm going to put another second of my time into something that they've just told me they will do nothing about.

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Not consumer friendly

"After weeks of watching price I thought "

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Do not buy IPHONE here 千万不要在这家买苹果产品

"I bought a latest iPhone from NY city store for over $1,100. We spacificly told the sale person that this phone is going to China & asked whether it would work in China. It turned out it didn't work. They have 14 days return policy. So basically we spent a thousand dollars for a unusable iPhone. We call the store, no one picked up the phone. So the call went to their call center. The call center promised me someone will call me back immediately. I never received a call. I called Apple support but they can't help me because I purchased the iPhone from the retail store. If you need buyer any product & you can buy it directly from the manufacturer, strongly recommend you do so.

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Terrible geek squad service!!!

"Purchased 2 sony 65" Tv a little over 1 year ago and 1 tv will not turn on! After 5 apps.,3 parts and 3 tech appointments they still can not fix it! now 3 weeks later, they want another tech to come out in another week!!! We purchased the protection plan and they will not replace the TV!!!! A waste of money and time!!!! Very deceiving!!!!!!"

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