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Product & services pricing 3.33/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.75/10
Shipping & packaging: 3.33/10
Customer service: 3.13/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Damage from Reckless Lot Driver

"Decided to write and let you know my recent experience with CW in Grand Rapids MI. Brought my 5th wheel in for a slider adjust in late April.

Decided to order an awning rafter in the store and have it installed at the same time. CW said 2-3 days for that to arrive, would be about 5 days before I could pick up my camper. After hearing nothing I call back after 10 days, service dept says they are done with their end of it (slider adjust) and haven't heard a thing from the store about the rafter support. I call back to talk to the store, no one answers the phone when transferred.

I keep calling in as instructed by the receptionist, she says someone will answer eventually. On about the 6th or 7th call I ask for a manager (getting irritated now) She puts me on hold, then says she'll take my info and have them call me back. They Never do. The next day I call early, after some searching on CW's part they realize my part came in without hardware over a week prior and now will have to have the hardware shipped overnight from the factory because I'm about to call the whole thing off and pick up my camper for a pre season trip.

I pick it after 13 days...ridiculous that no one did anything when item came in without hardware until I called. So I'm happy to have it done with 2-3 days to get it ready to use it. That is until I get it home and see the damage inside. Apparently the tractor lot driver has no respect for someone else's property and whips these units around so recklessly that my cupboards opened, some dishes fell out and broke, gouging my countertop as it smashed on it.

Fishing poles flew off the top from behind a 2" lip above the cabinets, chairs and table slid across the camper out of their rubber pads (a 1st). This would NEVER happen with normal driving, never has in all the miles I driven at speeds up to 75 mph. Now that I'm home I've decided it was time to share this and write a few reviews. I've replaced one small casserole dish at a cost of $30, the counter top was pristine and now isn't thanks to the recklessness of your lot driver.

My chairs will have to be glued down to the rubber pads again. And I'm not so sure my slider adjust was done correctly since I'm now seeing marks appear on the flooring inside.

Not happy that CW would allow a lot driver to joy ride while towing someone else expensive property around. Total disrespect for the customer's property!

Brought the camper back to Camping World in Grand Rapids on June 7 so they could redo the slider adjust. The service manager Doug worked on it until it was working much better. Doesn't appear to be dragging on the floor inside anymore. They also gave me 2 thin strips of plastic to set under the edge where it was dragging when moving the slider in, this will buffer the floor enough to keep it from damaging the floor again. Was pleasantly surprised they were able to get most of the marks off the floor with mineral spirits (I had tried other cleaners without success). I was also reimbursed for the dishes that broke. Time spent there was 2 hours with about 50 minute drive each way. They did what they could to fix the issues so I'm bumping this review up to a 3 star for their efforts.

Helpful Cool


Not a great experience.

"We traded in an old damaged camper for a used camper last month. First thing that **** us off was that we had left a tool in the old camper to take the wheel chaulks off with and it went "missing." They just said "Sorry." With the "new" camper we were told the camper was cleaned but underneath the stove and the sink were a ton of old mouse/rat **** (thankfully no signs of the creatures still). We wanted to PAY them to do a scrape and seal on the roof, the maintenance person said they had already done it, once we finally got up there we found out it hadn't been done. And at one point they had the awning out (I'm sure to do an inspection) and didn't inform us that the awning had broken away from the camper and the wood underneath the one arm is rotting, PLUS they rolled it up wet so when we opened it water poured out and the entire thing is filled with mold/mildew. We were warned they weren't the best to work with, and we had hoped since the sales person seemed awesome that we would have a good experience, but it seems not. "

Helpful Cool


Happy Camper!

"Camping World has had a bad rap for some time both in terms of sales as well as service. That said, I can only speak of this specific location. I traded-in a Class C for a Class A and the sales rep was eager to make a sale, which he did. Scott Geasey was prompt, responsive and willing to listen to my specific needs and requests. He interacted with the General Manager, Robert Yeager, who is in my opinion, the epitome of customer service. Robert and Scott solidified a transaction that I think was fair. They included some extra features that made the transaction, a win-win situation.

Six months later, I had some warranty work performed and Bob Ripley, Service Advisor, meticulously ensured that all of the work was completed in time. Most RV dealers are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to warranty. Bob Ripley and again, Robert Yeager, ensured that all of the work was covered under warranty. There was a rather difficult specific warranty issue and they had Jason, a senior technician with close to 15 years’ experiences with this dealer, complete the work. The work was completed and satisfaction was the end result. There was damage to a decal that was caused by me and when Bethany, working with the Service Team, saw that, she worked diligently and conscientiously to repair it at no cost to me. This could have been a rather expensive decal replacement if not for her desire and skill.

A week after the work was completed, an unexpected additional warranty issue became apparent and a discussion was engendered among me, the manufacturer and the dealer. Camping World Hanover stood firm in providing customer-oriented concern and scheduled the repair work immediately.

The store personnel are knowledgeable and one in particular, went to great lengths to demonstrate a foldable bicycle features and benefits.

The General Manager, Robert Yeager is a hands-on, multifaceted and qualified person who treats his team like professionals and they in turn, treat their customers like a customer should be. They have turned this customer into a client! Next time, try a visit to THIS Camping World in Hanover, PA, and you will be surprised-in a good way.

Helpful Cool


Made good on a mistake

"We had a bit of a snafu during the purchasing of our jay flight but Zack made it right. Our salesman Patrick was super knowledgeable of the travel trailer. We were super impressed with him. Even though the sale got off to a rocky start, we are satisfied with our purchase and the great customer service we received. "

Helpful Cool


Certificate is BS

"Don't believe their hype about Good Sam membership!
the $25 dollar certificate is BS, you get a certificate that you have to use within two month, and sometimes you never receive the certificate, i have called 3 times and almost 6 month later i receive one certificate, still waiting on my second one. You cannot use the certificate online, Camping World has no place for you to enter the certificate, they only have an entry for gift cards.. So why don't they give you a gift card instead of a certificate? good question,,, the reason is to make it difficult for you to use it, that way they get away with you never using your $25. Beware its all BS!!

Helpful Cool


Left us in the cold.

"I have now waited months for a call back about my fifthwheel heater. I have been promised a call with a solution several times but they still have failed to follow through. My heat never worked and they have yet to find a solution for me. It will be in the 20s and we and our dogs will be left in freezing temperatures with no heat. I strongly urge you to avoid this store as they will sell you products that don't work and then disregard your requests for help and will leave you stranded. Terrible terrible service. So many other service issues, but leaving us in freezing temperatures without even a phone call for months is beyond heartless. We will struggle through the night but I really hope my tiny 17 year old poodle survives it. "

Helpful Cool


Bate and switch programs

"Drove 100 mile to a camping world where they advertised a Coleman trailer for $12249 2017 model. I informed them I would need hitch and wiring for my SUV. The hitch price as $1990 I had done my homework, I priced same with U haul, price $669.00 then they add prep fee and shipping fees and then another $700 dealer fee ( admin) $145 licence and reg. fee. I walked away will never go back. "

Helpful Cool


Stole my money for warranty plan

"One year old champion 3100 generator broke went in with paper work for on the so
Spot replacement as promised management said that they would clall me one week has gone by no call just anot her lie these people have no honor and are not to be trusted

Helpful Cool


Awful Customer Service at Byron GA Camping World

"When we started coming here 3 years ago to have our RV's serviced they were great. Unfortunately now I would tell you to go anywhere but here for your service. In the last 6 months we've had to return 6 different times because they didn't correctly repair the item. It's a 3 hour round trip for us. We spoke to the service manager who basically did nothing. Left two messages for the General Manager and he NEVER called. They had management changes a while back and it seems as if they weren't for the better, at least not where the customer is concerned. So instead of singing their praises, which is what we used to do, we now send people someplace else. The one shining light is Andy, our service writer. We believe he actually cares about our concerns but can only do so much."

Helpful Cool


Not authorized dealer!

"I bought a Wolfgang puck oven from Camping World last year. It stopped working! The manufacture told me that Camping World was NOT an authorized dealer and because I purchased this from them, I could not use my warrantee! Camping World refused to help me, offered a 25 gift card, then never responded after that! They are selling products that ARE NOT WARRANTEEd! Do not buy!! They are not authorized dealers. "

Helpful Cool


Camping World Oxford AL

"Our Holiday Rambler motorhome was at Camping World for 3 weeks waiting on an estimate. Called several times but could never get an update. Finally was told they had made a mistake and added parts to my invoice for another customer and had not started on my coach but now they say the slide will have to be removed with 20 hours of labor plus parts. I just had a different slide done at Lazy Days in less than for hours. I just picked the motorhome up and will take to someone who know what they are doing. Was charge $143.00 for an estimate and got nothing in return. I will tell my friends not to use the location to purchase or repairs. Terrible service."

Helpful Cool


"My recent service work from Camping World in Byron GA is one of the worst consumer experiences I have had. I purchased a 22 point inspection and requested repair of certain items. The inspection included an LP gas inspection. The gauges indicated that my two bottles were full. they disconnected the gas lines and only partially reconnected them then claimed that my system was leaking. Yeah, they were. Right at the partially reconnected fittings! They then told me that my battery had three dead cells and needed replacing (a battery check charge of $27.99). The battery is a brand new Interstate Battery. I questioned this finding and told them not to put a battery in. I took the battery back to the dealer to be tested. His test indicated that the battery was fine.
I asked them to replace the kitchen sink faucet. Wow, a bargain at $129.00! Unfortunately they botched the installation. When I activated water it flooded my kitchen and carpet. I could go on but I'll close with their addition of insult to injury. When I came to get my camper they couldn't find it or manage to bring it out. It was a typical hot South Georgia day and after telling me several times that the camper was on its way. It took over an hour in the hot parking lot before they brought out my camper.
Camping world markets under the "Good Sam" logo. Be advised however that the Byron Georgia store is a "Bad Sam".

Helpful Cool


"Bait-and-switch pricing data provided to Google Shopping.
($5 v $16)
Website price is $4.99+ Shipping :
Ground - $11.00 while
Google Shopping shows:
$4.89 with est. tax & free shipping

I just called to see if I could get the advertised price and they said free shipping was for orders over $99 only. It seems other sellers provide Google with accurate pricing info.

Helpful Cool


"This is a great website! The have EVERYTHING having to do with camping gear. I highly recommend this site."

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