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Sketchy at first but superb aftersale service

"I was interested in a Bionx D500 ebike kit so called/emailed around to find a shop that had one installed that I could test drive. After finding NYCeWheels, I drove into New York City and found them very accommodating. They let me take out a Surly with the Bionx kit installed for as long as I needed just had to return before closing. The salesman Al answered all my questions without any pressure, tended to other customers while I was deciding, even showed me the same kit they installed on a bike for another customer. In addition he was able to provide a Bionx take-off rim at a significant discount so I can build a matching front wheel.

After purchase NYCeWheels handled activation and registration for the extended warranty, I didn't have to do anything. I installed the kit myself but found there was a problem, a persistent error code 60. I also noticed the battery serial number didn't match the one on the box, considering the failure raised some concern. Their technical support tried but couldn't diagnose over the phone so they encouraged me to bring the bike into the shop. Once I arrived, their service dept discovered there was a faulty battery mount so opted to replace both the battery and the mount. Even though I did the initial install, they installed the replacement and cleaned up all the wiring while I waited, no questions asked. When asked about the non matching battery, the sales manager Connor explained the batteries in kits in inventory are periodically removed and recharged (necessary maintenance) and sometimes the battery may not be returned to the same kit, makes sense I guess.

Due to the wording of the Bionx warranty I became concerned I would no longer be entitled to the extended warranty on the new battery so I contacted NYCeWheels. They worked directly with Bionx to ensure the new battery serial number was included in the warranty registration as well as provided an updated invoice that reflected the replacement battery so there was a paper trail should I need it in the future. I would definitely visit their store again.

Helpful Cool


BionX Kit

"I purchased a complete kit which included a new wheel, liners, battery, controls, and motor with axle. After purchasing, I was told that liners were no longer in stock and I would have to buy my own. A few days later I was told that the battery was no longer available and I would have to either take a smaller and have a 120.00 credit or upgrade to a larger one for 120.00 increase. Once I received the "ready to install" kit I learned the the BionX motor axle uses a threaded freewheel not a free hub. Thus I had to acquire a new gear set for the freewheel and adjust my derailer. These are not large problems individually. However, they do culminate into an unsatisfactory experience due to lack of communication and customer service. "

Helpful Cool


Great product, great service!

"I got the kick ped for its durability (it looks pretty sweet too). Shipping was very fast. It arrived by the next week to Canada. The only issue was the customs charges that I forgot would be above the initial cost but still very pleased."

Helpful Cool


I got my Scooter

"Shopping for my scooter was very nice. The amount of information provided on NYCEwheels's website is very thorough and made my decision as a first time scooter buyer much easier.

The scooter I received is exactly what I needed and I love it. It arrived well put together and well packaged.

NYCEwheels has protocols in place to avoid fraud. This process added quite a few days to the process. I purchased my scooter on the 5th of May and did not receive it until the 12th of May and this was despite the fact that I paid quite a bit for shipping. I have to weigh this against the fact that my husband purchased a scooter from eBay with free shipping and got it in four days.

Helpful Cool


Fun on the waterfront!

"I love my new NYCE wheels! Took a ride along the waterfront near San Francisco. Great exercise, easy to ride, easy to fold up and carry on the Ferry boat. Got lots of looks for a 60 year old woman on a scooter! So glad I ordered these wheels."

Helpful Cool


1 day delivery for $38, no sales tax.

"My bike was delivered to Virginia in one day with tracking and packed well. Who could ask for more? The bike shops in DC refused to ship to my home, which is not near their shop."

Helpful Cool


Expert and Prompt

"Even though I have two Brompton dealers near me in the Baltimore area, I keep coming back to NYCEwheels. Trying to get parts and extra goodies for my 10-yr-old-beater Brom sometimes feels like pulling teeth 'down in these parts'. I swear I get blank stairs and "it might take several months to get what you want shipped from England." (!) So instead, I keep coming back to NYCEwheels' website, online chats, video tutorials and road tests, knowing I'll get expert and prompt responses/orders shipped straight to my door. Seems like there are no limits to the mods/repairs I can make to my little folder when I have the backing of this bike shop. Even thinking of buying a hard case and shipping it straight to NYCEwheels for the more difficult upgrades. These guys are a TRUE Brompton dealer with all the requisite follow-up, knowledge, and service I hope for when buying any product. "

Helpful Cool


"Everything is great love the bike might order another for my husband.

Thanks carol

Helpful Cool


Not just friendly

"I have communicated several times with your staff the last 2 years. As I live in South TX, I have no options in town.

ALL of them are not just friendly, but also very helpful. They are experts and can make useful recommendations.

Thanks a lot.

Helpful Cool



"Great Product.....looking for a basket for the front if you have any suggestions....we use them in our warehouse to speed things up....an they are perfect"

Helpful Cool


Re-built battery for my old electric bike

"When i realized that my old electric bike was in need of a new battery and the company that built the bike appears to have dropped off the face of the earth, i was not sure what to do. I looked around my town, Boulder, CO and no luck other than buy a new bike. I found NYCE Wheels and they helped me out. So far so good after following their well done web video. A phone call later just to be sure that i was ordering the right parts and just got word that less than a week later the battery will be shipped back to Boulder in my old battery case and i should be good to go. Jury is still out as i do not have the re-built battery yet but so far so good. "

Helpful Cool


great selection, slightly confusing online ordering process

"I used to live around the corner so I was familiar with the store and very much liked the in-store experience. I ordered a folding bike online now that I live on the other coast.

The web site has a lot of good information and explains the difference between options very well. I didn't see as comprehensive selection of accessories online on other sites.

The promotion page was a bit confusing, for example, mentioning free shipping and free accessories for out-of-state sales, but I couldn't find information about free accessories and my order had shipping costs on it. I had to ask the online chat about the promo which was only for certain bikes listed on a separate page, and was told about an unadvertised promo on accessories. The first chat got disconnected and the second chat didn't seem to know about the accessory promo. If I weren't already familiar with the physical store, that would have probably made me order from a different vendor.

Helpful Cool



"My experience was a total disappointment. The customer service was terrible to the point after trying twice in giving them a chance to get it right, I decided to cancel my order.

They just could not get it together. I will not give our company a bad name by speaking badly about it, but I will never buy the product I researched and decided on y,our company, bad mistake.

Hopefully, no one else will go through what I went through.

Diane Miskimon

Helpful Cool


better than going to china

"they rebuilt a bike battery which was built in china it was not inexpensive , however they did a great job in a timely manner.took all of my calls an questions, I would do it again"

Helpful Cool


It's like I'm a little kid again!

"I'm going to lead with the (minor) thing I didn't like: shipping. Shipping costs were rather much. That said, the product itself is awesome! I have been using it on my college campus to get to and from classes. I found that it was really easy to collapse and make portable. It also runs very smoothly. Would definitely recommend to someone looking for a heavy duty scooter. Apparently when I was ordering there was some error where the size wasn't noted. I was called on the next business day by one of their representatives who was very polite but also human (didn't sound fake, I mean), and simply wanted to make sure I got the right size. Quick, efficient service! Awesome!"

Helpful Cool

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