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No More Orders From This Company

"This company is very poor in notifying customers about their orders. The product we ordered was a great product. But, they really need to improve their communication skills to their customers.

We order online regularly... from many different companies... and we regularly get good notification about when and how the products are shipped... with estimated arrival information.

This company gave the impression it shipped via the U.S. Postal Service... and didn't let us know that the item shipped DHL to the U.S. Postal Service until days after it shipped. The carrier, DHL, took 14 days to ship this item to the U.S. Post Office in our town. The cost of the shipping was way too high for the time it took to arrive. Also, DHL never sent us notifications until after many days into the delivery.

We will not be ordering from this company in the future.

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Order not fulfilled and poor communication

"I order 2 pairs of pants at the end of May 2018 and requested them to be sent to my job. I signed up for notifications once I received a tracking # via UPS. Early June I get a notification that the delivery could not be delivered because the suite # was not included on the package. I call UPS and give them the suite # and the package is delivered same day. When I open the package there is one pair of pants instead of 2 that was ordered. After several emails to I am told: On June 6,
The first letter [X] represents a warehouse code. If shipped from different warehouses, some items in the following list may arrive separately in different packages. June 13, The item was back order, and we will ship out on Monday. June 21, Sir, we will contact shipping department and process the reship asap. Sorry for the inconvenience. Today is July 18, 2018, I've e-mailed them today to please refund the balance that I paid for the pair of pants that I did not receive. I've never heard of an before this but communication is not their strong suite and neither is fulfilling merchandise ordered. I have a feeling it will be doomsday before I am refunded for merchandise not received.

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Got what I wanted quicker than expected

"I read a bunch of poor reviews after I ordered my product and began to worry. I received the gas cap with fuel gauge on the 23rd day. It was exactly what I ordered and works perfect. 23 days to northern Canada is better than I expected. The tracking system did not work for me but all worked out fine. I give 5 out of 5 stars and would shop again."

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Don't waste your time shopping with them - NOTHING BUT UNFULFILLED PROMISES

"They advertise low prices and then give additional discounts but never deliver the goods- After waiting two weeks I ordered from another vendor at only a slightly higher cost and had the materials in two days"

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Received Incorrect Items

"The picture on their website of the item I ordered was an old style tan petmate litter pan. This old style pan is no longer being manufactured and I needed this exact old style pan to fit the litter pan rims I currently have. I ordered 4 litter pans at $24.44 and paid the exorbitant shipping cost of $42.48 and a $2.25 handling fee. Outrageous but I really needed those old style pans. I received my order and what did they send me? The new style petmate litter pans which I could have bought at any local store for $24.00 with no outrageous shipping & handling fee. I contacted the company via their website to initiate a return and refund for the items and shipping fees. I received an e mail in the middle of the night that they only issue refunds on shipping costs if the mistake was on their end. There was no information regarding returning the incorrect items at all. I replied to their e mail that this was a mistake on their end as their website pictured a different item than the items I received and asked how I should proceed with a return. I have not heard back from them and I doubt this situation will ever be handled to my satisfaction. I will take this as a very expensive lesson learned and donate the 4 litter boxes to a local rescue group at a total cost of $69.97. I could have purchased 10 of these litter boxes locally for the same cost.

If you think you will have a better experience with this company than I did, my guess is you will not. My advice is not to purchase any thing at all from this company.

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Company that doesnt care

"The order was processed and money removed from my account within 4 hours. The items were expected to be shipped next day (this was posted on the site)... 3 weeks later I receive an email stating "items delivered-please submit review"- I have not received it!?!!...... The email link back for the"review" did not work....and the "forget password"/account details link didn't work either- How do you send me an email stating item "delivered and submit a review" and the link doesn't work!??!!..

But anyway, I found a tracking number from an old email- I tracked it did show "delivered" - to a completely wrong address!! I contacted opentip via phone 2 different time- opentip stated: "we will get back to you within 1 to 2 weeks!?!!"- Really!?!! I then sent 2 diferent email to customer service, I finally received a good response!?!- The badly damaged box and items Arrived 3 days later?!?. The items were completely not usable-basically trash.

I did a followup email about the unacceptable delivery .....(I paid over $25 for shipping-it WAS NOT FREE)...Besides the long, long, long shipping times.. The merchandise was destroyed!?!! _ Another week goes by without any response from opentip!?!! I order the same item thru Amazon -the arrive as a promise from Amazon, no damage and on time!?!.

Opentip finally responds with "take pictures of the damages, original shipping boxes, item and such!?!!" -REALLY!?!? over a month after the original order - NOW you want pictures?!??? The shipping boxes have long been gone, the busted to hell products thrown out a month ago!?!! - They added, "so we can submit a claim to the carrier!?!" REALLY?!? Because of your choice (OPENTIP choice) of a crappy shipper. I have to wait again and again?!? The shipping charges of over $25 is excessive for the size and weight of the items, but also having it destroyed -Due to OPENTIPS poor packing skills and excessively late is JUST PLAIN BAD.

This was MY first and LAST ORDER from OPENTIP. The company does not understand whom the customer is and who works for whom!?!

Order Number #2906880

The customer service did follow up with emails re-requesting picture!?! Everything was trashed and i have bought the item thru Amazon!?! I am not saying this company is a scam- but they are close to it?!? I had been messing with this company long enough!?!! I just told them to "forget it' funny- They responded very quickly to the "forget it request".....

Don't do business with them.


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Awful customer service and awful product description

"I ordered a wine cabinet and did not get what I ordered, I then went to request a return and you have to inquire for one! Then I received an email from the customer support who tried to make it out like I was in the wrong for asking for a return...I will never ever purchase from them again and I will advise everyone I know against it as well! "

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Waist of time!

"I ordered 4 shoe racks, after 2 weeks I called them and they had no idea what’s going on. Finally they said it shipped - after 25 days (!) I received 1 shoe rack... then another 3 calles to get a refund for the other 3 racks. What a waist of time, don’t bother"

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Never sent, even though I spent

" ignored me from the very start. never shipped the item, but they processed it and charged me.

UPDATE for 12/9/17
They sent my merchandise overnight. I may have been a bit hasty with my opinion.

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I had a bad experience with this company opentip.

"They sent me the wrong part and now they want me to pay the shipping fee.DO NOT chance any order with this place."

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Scotty rod balancer

"Ordered from opentip specifically because they say item was in stock only for them to tell me the product wasn’t available from the mfg and it was on backorder.. checked the website and it still said they had 20 available in stock.. false advertisement! Shipping charges are outrageous as well! Customer service is terrible! Stay away from Opentip.. "

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Told me to go screw myself

"Tried to return 3 items that were to large and they got back to 3 days later and told me they are non-refundable. When has anything ever been non-refundable. The purchase was for $50 dollars and they really wanted to keep it. This is the worst service ive ever seen. And i certainly wont order again from these people. Stay clear!!!!!"

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Restocking fee

"I am a former Marine and I was looking for a fitted USMC hat, opentip was the only company that had one so I ordered it, when the hat arrived It did not fit and as it was already the smaller size I could not exchange it so I returned it not used. They do not refund shipping and charge a $5 restocking fee, which to me is just ridiculous on a $10 item. So with the original shipping charge and the return shipping I spent$19, my refund was $5. So essentially they got me for $15. I should have just donated the hat to a fellow veteran that was down on his luck. As far as I'm concerned they are a bunch of crooks."

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Worst service ever

"I would give zero stars if that was an option I ordered a blanket three days after it was supposed to be delivered I called and asked where it was they told me it hadn't even shipped yet 3 weeks after I ordered the blanket I called and cancelled the order and I will never order anything from you guys again in my life"

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HORRIBLE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

"I was in rush to order few square pillar candles. i ordered them in all white. once they arrive, they are totally wrong item. THEY ARE ALL BLACK.

After speaking to their customer service, they dont seem to understand the mistake is from them. They want proof what they have sen me wrong item.

i ordered these candles for a surprise party. the party is done AND LONG GONE and i am still waiting on them to accommodate me.


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