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Product & services pricing 6.67/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 6.88/10
Customer service: 5.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 6.67/10
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Service beyond my expectations

"Like many of us, I found Rock Bottom Golf while looking for used or less than retail pricing for new golf equipment. I went here to get an iron set for my wife who is getting back into the sport after a 20 year break. Initially there were a few hiccups, I received lefty irons instead of righty’s and then a set with the wrong shaft. It was then that he owner Mark Becker reached out to me directly with multiple communications by phone, text and email to help me find the set. So, yesterday a box showed up directly from Mizuno and not only were they perfect, it was even a larger set than originally promised (8 irons instead of 7). They also made it really easy to return the sets that were wrong. I really appreciated the follow up and them Mark making sure I was totally satisfied with my purchase. Thanks again."

Helpful Cool


I was worried

"I would like to say that rockbottomgolf is a real legit business. They even bought out an older putter brand, Ray Cook, which is why you see this brand on their site heavily discounted(they went out of business after trying to rebrand). Now RBG is no amazon, and you will see that with the rest of the reviews here(shipping and return cost are a bulk of the complaints). They have areas that need improvement, but from my experience and my friends that also use and suggested this site if everything goes right, you will get a great deal and RBG will probably surpass your expectations as a bargain site.

It was my first time dealing with this site and I was worried. I texted the few people i knew who ordered off this site just to calm my worries and they told me the same thing I am telling you now. I bought a complete set of clubs from here and expected it to take weeks to get here and I expected there might be some small cosmetic damage on the clubs.

The clubs got here in mint condition, with the added extensions I ordered, all wrapped in plastic, and from placing my order to doorstep it took a total of 3 days. I even messaged their customer service by email after placing my order to calm my worries as well and they promptly responded to my questions within a few hours.

If you are nervous just call before you place your order. You may not get someone but leave a message and they will call back.


Helpful Cool


Rock Bottom Customer Service

"Traded in a club. Received an email saying the trade was approved and I would receive payment "shortly". A month later, no money. Logged into my account and found out I have a store credit. Contacted RBG by email (you can't call customer service...sales only) and was advised that I had requested store credit, payment had been made in that manner and could not be changed. Bullshit."

Helpful Cool



"If i could give less than one star, I would. Deal was 20% off first item. Did not get that. Ordered a glove at the same time and was sent the wrong one. Contacts RBG and was told deals change. Yet this was the deal in place at the time of my purchace and at the time I contacted them. Was told I could mail the glove back, i would have to pay to mail back. Reorder the glove I want and pay to have it shipped again. REALLY!!!!!! Buy from others"

Helpful Cool


False advertising

"While you can get great prices on RBG you don’t always get what’s pictured.When I pointed this out they said “well you got a great price anyway”.Buyer beware."

Helpful Cool


What a JOKE

"I ordered 3 dozen Golf balls, they shipped me the wrong product and want ME to pay the return postage. REALLY?

Helpful Cool


Great Service. All the way around !!

"Ordered a new Cobra Hybrid on Monday along with a dozen golfballs. Received my club Thursday. Golfballs came from a different warehouse on Friday. Concerned my balls didn't arrive w/my club. Customer service checked my order and said they will be arriving by noon today. Five star all the way !!!"

Helpful Cool


Good until you have a problem

"I totally understand all of those on the Rock Bottom Golf bandwagon, I was too. They have amazing deals on great gear. My first order went so well, I couldn't wait to order my new wedge and putter from them. Then it happened, they had an issue, their credit card processing charged me but didn't complete the order. I thought, oh well, I will call them in the morning and get this sorted out. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I called in the morning and talked to a very pleasant guy. He nicely informed me that 3 of the 4 products that I purchased had gone up in price in the last 9 (overnight) hours. He said after talking to a manger the best he could do is give me is let the order cancel, re-place the order with the newsletter sign-up coupon code and I could have the same order for only $50 more!

I could understand this response if I was trying to cheat them or take advantage of an expired coupon code. But he had the order in the system, he saw that it was submitted and even able to tell me what I ordered. Instead of taking care of me the right way and pushing through the order after verifying payment, they saw it as an opportunity to make more money off of me.

So as always take all reviews with a grain of salt, but realize the commonality that several people are missing in these reviews. if your order goes right, awesome, you probably got a great deal. But if you need it fast they will overcharge you for shipping. They will do whatever they can to get you to spend $125 with them, their shipping makes small orders not worth while. And god forbid something goes wrong, they will do absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. So before you order, ask yourself...do you feel lucky today?

Helpful Cool



"was wanting a new pair of sunglasses, found a pair on ebay offered by RBG store, decided to buy them from RBG directly so I could get them shipped out sooner , since Rock Bottom offers "same day if ordered by 2, next business day if after 2" I purchased the glasses , it was around 4:30 , so I expected them to ship next day(Friday) , not that I should be surprised, but Friday came and went and I never received a shipping notification. Monday morning I check my order status-"pending", so I decide to contact RBG and inquire about my order. I received an email that says my order should ship today, but I was never given an explanation or reason has to why my order did not ship according to rockbottomgolf.com shipping time frame. AFTER YOU HAVE PAID THEM, IT'S TOO LATE TO CANCEL . "

Helpful Cool


Have to do this after seeing so many bad reviews....

"OK so i never write reviews but I feel obligated after just receiving my order.

My clubs were stolen so Im shopping for all new everything. I ran across Rock Bottom Golf and saw their low reviews so i initially wrote them off. BUT... I found such a good deal I decided i might as well try them out.

I ordered 2 Cleveland wedges (NEW) and a pair of adidas golf shoes. After Labor Day discount (20%) the total after shipping was $150. That price and the horror stories i read online i figured something was going to happen and i wouldnt get that price. BUT...I went for it anyways after reading some successful encounters with this company.

I placed my order, it stayed at $150, and less then a week later i got 2 BRAND NEW still in the wrapper cleveland wedges and brand new shoes. No issues, no hassle, exactly what i was hoping for. I am EXTREMELY happy with the whole experience and I will for sure be ordering through these guys again if i need anything. Sounds to me like the low reviews are people who had issues with the customer service.

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that these reviews don't represent everyones experiences.

Helpful Cool


First RBG

"No shipping options, high shipping cost.

If you're international I would not suggest buying from here. They ship via UPS who, upon delivery will charge you outrageously expensive "brokerage" fees (these are separate and added on top of duties and taxes) that are often 40-50% of the value. I'm expecting to pay anywhere from $40-$60 at the door when I receive my club that was only $90 to begin with.

Haven't even received my club yet and I already know I should have just paid the big money and bought it new, by the time you pay shipping and UPS's insane brokerage the difference in new and used is going to be negligible.

If RBG would offer choices on shipping this would be a fantastic site, they shipped it fast. They need to allow customers to ship via USPS.

RBG - Your poor shipping options are costing you orders.

Helpful Cool


Good company to buy from

"I recently purchased an item from Rock Bottom Golf.
I was looking on their website and saw what I thought was my same item on sale for less money.
After a few emails and a phone call from Adam, I got it all straightened out. I was looking at the wrong back on sale.
Adam, thank you for the phone call - this is GREAT customer service!!!
Keep up the good work and I will be a long time customer.

Helpful Cool


Pay for what you get, or do you.....

"So I thought it might be good to order a few things from here, but apparently you get what you pay for, or do you. Bought 14 qty of balls, glove, and shoes. Tried to change delivery but they were going to charge me 12 bucks to change it, obsurd.

Tried to sign for it ahead of time online (UPS) but shipper restricted, it, trying to have them leave it at a UPS location (shipper Restricted it) Trying to contact Customer service is irrelevant, you have to email them, you can call sales all you want and place orders but when you need help or to leave a shipment at a UPS location and cant because they denied that option (rock bottom)

I thought I would give them a chance again, but nevermind, they will nickle and dime you any way they can from what this seems like it. If i wanted to change address, pay, i bet you if i want to leave at a UPS location i'll have to pay.

Should of read the reviews a head of time.


Helpful Cool



"You have been warned. Do NOT purchase from this Website. Hidden fees will be added after item is purchased. Resolving issues directly with Rock Bottom are a waste of time and you will need to attempt to have refunds processed via your third party payment provided (credit card / paypal).

When deciding to purchase from Rock Bottom one should add about 40-60% to the posted price and compare to local vendors to see if price is worth the RISK in buying from this website.

Helpful Cool


The worst customer service ever.

"Sent them 2 emails about an order I had an issue with and they didn't respond to me and then I called them and they claimed they emailed me and was no help at all. "

Helpful Cool

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