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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 0.71/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.07/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.92/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Bad quality and sizing

"My order arrived today on time, however I am very disappointed with the quality of the items. The men's premium t-shirt is very thin as is the hooded shirt. I am a medium but they are both tight and the arms on the t-shirt are very short. The print lettering is white but looks grey because the transfer is also so thin.

I thought that the premium pricing meant premium product, but no. The country of origin is Bangladesh. This will be my last order and I will support local legitimate businesses from now on.

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Buyer Beware / Terrible Quality

"I just received the shirt I ordered for my son. It said premium tee, very soft, top quality. NOT! It is very rough material. Not good quality especially for the price. If this is their best quality I would hate to see their worse. I bought a shirt somewhere else for $15.00 for the same quality I paid for this shirt for $29.49. The picture looks like it is soft material but quite the opposite. I definitely will NEVER order from them again."

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" My order did not arrive even after two weeks. When I contacted customer sercive, no apologies were made, instead I got talked down to."

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OK but overpriced

"I ordered two custom t-shirts. They arrived on time, fit fine, and looked as pictured. However, I discovered a competitor selling the same artwork for about 30% less on a higher quality garment. I think Spreadshirt has shelled out for favored Google search results and in that light feels they can charge more. I ordered more of the same product from the competitor which also arrived on time, fit fine and looked as pictured. The garment was noticeably higher quality. When I weighed both the Spreadshirt and competitor's garments on my digital postal scale, the latter provider's product was about 20% heavier. In the requested Spreadshirt after-purchase review, I gave a negative review. Recommend any perspective customers look elsewhere to avoid being annoyed as I am about not shopping more carefully. Have made two subsequent orders to the competitor."

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Too pricey, poor quality, crazy custom fees

"Do not buy anything from this company if you require international shipping. I made the stupid mistake of not researching this company and reading reviews before i purchased several items from Spreadshirt. I ordered 4 sweat shirts/hoodies and was charged $290.00 and then to my horror received a notice from UPS that I owed $90.00 in custom border fees, which turns out to be around $100.00 per hoodie. When I opened the packages I found 4 hoodies made of thin quality fabric. I feel totally ripped off, especially having to pay the extra fee at customs. This company is misleading because when I googled Canadian Kayak T-shirts, spreadshirt comes up and it appears that they are an American company but they are actually based in Germany, hence the crazy custom fees. Buyer beware."

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me like

"its a good shopping and a good creating shirt place"

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Paid for something I never got

"Placed and order with premium delivery and paid extra for it. When I got the email letting me know when the t-shirts would arrive, it said 6 days later than what I paid. for.
I called Spreadshirt support and received zero help. They said it was not their problem.
Never again.

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They don't even deserve 1 start!

"Canada Beware! Spreadshirt.ca is not a Canadian location for Spreadshirt - any orders you make will be subject to major Duty & Brokerage Fees to be delivered!! We ordered 4 t-shirts & 1 sweater, after paying a large amount for the products, and a shipping fee of $30, we were shocked by an additional $80 fee on delivery!! These are by far the most expensive shirts I have ever purchased, and will never use spreadshirt again, and highly suggest that others do not either! After the shock of paying the additional fees, we called their customer service and they were not caring or helpful in anyway. They offered no apologies, or any effort to correct or ease the matter, they just kept stating that they are in the right, and that they will do nothing in the way of reimbursing or providing any incentives for us to shop with them again. My advice to everyone: DO NOT USE SPREADSHIRT!!!"

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Happy with Purchase!

"I'm a big fan of Jacksfilms, and I really wanted some YIAY merch. I bought what I wanted and had no problems overall. Don't see how everyone here had a bad experience."

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"DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS. Item never arrived. "

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Dont order from Norway

"Live in Norway, ordered a product via spreadshirt and had it delivered via UPS. I just received an unpleasant surprise from UPS (additional invoice) of NOK337, while I already paid 198 for the shirt and NOK249 for freight.

Some of your customers will live in Norway, go online to find a t-shirt supplier and find you guys on top of the list via Google. Norwegian website, norwegian text, all great. Product prices are reasonable, freight prices are fair. So, quite easily convinced to order. But now, a relatively simple "fruit of the loom" t-shirt with an image, cost a whopping total of NOK447 + NOK337 = NOK784. That would be enough to buy a nice Gant sweater of shirt from Lacoste.

My experience with spreashirt started very positive, and ends very very sour. I feel ripped off and not informed enough when purchasing this product. They desperately need to change their communication strategy on their Norwegian website and inform customers clearly on additional freight and toll cost, before designing a t-shirt and before processing an order of this. When buying a NOK198 product, I believe its fair enough, but also the consumers right to know, that an additional NOK337 in additional freight cost and toll is added, almost 2 times the value of the actual product.

I have seen many other of your previous customers raising this point, so an amendment to your website would be strongly suggested......

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Complete Morons

"I ordered some things in the wrong size. They were very willing to resend my products in the proper size. I asked for mediums. Then a few days later, I realized I needed smalls. I asked them and they had already sent mediums. Okay, that's my fault. Then I got the package, and it was someone else's order! So I contact them and they say they'll send out my package soon. I ask for smalls instead of mediums. They say okay. I finally got the package (it took forever each time), and they've sent mediums! So I emailed the company with a pretty scathing email and they send back a "We're so glad you're happy with your products" email. They didn't even read my email! Idiots. Completely incompetent. I have no idea how they're still in business. "

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Overpriced ... $110 for 3 t-shirts ... and then I had to pay duty

"Overall, this was a bad experience. After the initial payment of $110 for 3 shirts, which included $30 for shipping, I had to pay another $45 in duty. Apparently I failed to notice the fine print that items from spreadshirt are flagged for duty charges. After shipping and duty fees, each shirt cost $51.67. They are not worth that. Never again. "

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Not what was expected

"I gave it 2 stars because it got here quick. Other than that, design came out horrible. Hard to see, Blurry, nothing like what it looked like online before i ordered. If i knew it would come out like this i would of not done it. Waste of money.. "

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"I bought a hoodie from a youtubers spreadshirt and I am very disappointed.

The website itself seems half-assed and unfinished. I live in Canada and I saw the hoodie cost 50$, I thought it was a bit pricey but it was a gift for someone, so it didn't bother me too much, but then I realized that it was 50$ American and not Canadian, even though I had the ".ca" at the end. In reality it cost me 70$ Canadian, plus there was all the costs for bringing it across the border which were 30$ on there own.

There was no indication of the type of dollar, whether Canadian or american and there was no mention of extra taxes that I'd have to pay to bring it over so i assumed they were covered.

So I spent 100$ on a sweater, and I was hoping it would be good. I bought an extra large woman's but it was barley a large, I would've needed to get a size up, I can overlook that because it was probably my fault.
However, when I looked at the sweater it was horrible. It smelt terrible, the design was an iron-on that i could've done better myself for cheaper and the design is already cracking!

On top of this, the website crashed many times while trying to access it and there is no way of leaving a review on the website itself. Instead of leaving a review area, they have removed it (this is evident since there is a review section at the bottom, however there is no way to access it). They have removed it so that people do not leave complaints like this, instead of fixing the problems.

In conclusion, I absolutely despised everything about this site, from price, to product, to web-design, it has all been a horrible experience and I will not be using the site again.

I ALSO ADVISE OTHERS not to use this site either, because you can simply go to your local crafts store and clothing retailer and get all you need and do it yourself.
All you need is a shirt or sweater that you want to use, a clothing iron, some iron-on paper (Iron-on Transfers) (which you can get from a craft store or online), and a printer. (It'll probably be cheaper too)

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